July 29th, 2010

fic for shoe money

Check-in Post

Time for one of these, methinks.. with about 3 weeks to go till the August 20th deadline for artists and writers alike.

So tell us, me petals, how goes it? What's occurring?

Writers, are you beta'd and wrapped and sitting back sipping coffee and smiling smugly? Are you done with your first draft? Or are you in fact, shouting at Bodie to pull his finger out and get a bloody move on thank you, you have deadlines to meet??

And artists - how are you doing? Everybody matching up okay?? Are you all inspired nicely by your chosen fics? Whatcha doin' with them? Give us a tease, if you like.. A vid? A banner? A drawing? A soundtrack? What has gone 'eureka!' for you??

Inquiring minds want to know...