August 18th, 2010

pros mixed doubles gunrange
  • przed

The Deadline Approacheth

Since we have two days until our final deadline, and a number of you are done, we thought we'd put up the details of what you need to do with your stories and art.

Send your completed story to both callistosh65 and przed at the following addresses:

  • callisto65 at gmail dot com
  • przed at rogers dot com

    ETA: Please use the following naming convention for the file:

  • prosbigbang_yourname_storytitle.doc

    We're expecting that your draft is complete and beta'd at this point, though you can definitely tweak before your posting date

    Please send the rough draft of your art to the same addresses above. It's not necessary to have completed art by this point (though that would be lovely) but we would like to know that you're on the way to finishing.

    Writers and Artists
    Since our next step is to create the posting schedule, please let us know if there are any dates that we should absolutely avoid giving you. We want to make sure everyone has a date they're comfortable with, and one on which they can easily get their story or art up.

    We’ll do our best to accommodate any requests, but we’d like everyone to appreciate that we're aiming to spread the stories out as evenly as possible throughout the month.

    Next Steps
    Once we have everyone's stories and art, we will be putting together the posting schedule. And when that's done, we'll be sending everyone their posting date, along with an example of a template for creating a master post for your story on your own LJ. We’ll also provide details of how to create a post at ci5_boxoftricks with links to whichever location you’ve chosen to post your story and art to (LJ, Dreamwidth, The Automated Hatstand, AO3, etc)

    And that's it!

    Drop us a line at the addresses above if you have any questions or issues.

    Thanks once again to everyone for participating. We can't wait to see everyone's contributions to the challenge.