September 5th, 2010

Big Bang Story
  • robeau

I Once Was Lost by Ice Bear

Title: I Once Was Lost
Author name: robeau
Artist name: sc_fossil
Archive: ProsLib
Genre: Slash
Characters/Pairing: Bodie/Doyle
Word count: 28,999

Summary: Raymond Doyle quit CI5 after twelve years of service, leaving Bodie, their partnership, their friendship and their carefully nurtured relationship behind. Ten years later, George Cowley passes away and reunites his former top team by giving them a final set of orders to be carried out.

Beta Extraordinare: Many heartfelt thanks to Kat(aka sc_fossil)for her patience, guidance, and wisdom. She is a tough, but kind, beta who helped the lads and I find our way when I somehow managed to get us all hopelessly lost. Thanks, Kat!

Artist: I was doubly blessed on this little adventure as Kat also did the art - an amazing vid that I fell in love with at 12:30 a.m. one morning, simply being unable to go to sleep until I had watched it (multiple times of course) Kept the Robeau kitties up way past their bedtime! She also supplied the lovely banner.

And a very special Across the Pond thanks to Rachel J, my bunkie, for the Britcheck. Somehow it seemed only right to ask my favorite Brit (30+ years of friendship) to do the honors. And she accepted the challenge eagerly, managing to read the thing in between picking, stewing and canning miles of plum curry and preserves.

Link to Story: I Once Was Lost
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