January 15th, 2011

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Farewell to One Mod; Welcome to Five More

Last year, when callistosh65 and I launched the first Pros Big Bang, after idly mulling it over at the 2009 Close Quarters con, we had no idea if anyone would even sign up. But Pros fandom responded enthusiastically and produced a fantastic number of long stories with accompanying art. Twenty-four writers, ten artists and four vidders produced nearly 700,000 words of illustrated Pros fanfic.

We can't wait to see what you all come up with this year.

Alas, Callisto has decided to step down as mod this year, since Real Life (a new job), and other fannish interests (Supernatural) have made other claims on her time. But I'm hoping we'll still see her here as a writer and cheerleader.

In her place, five other people have decided to take the plunge to co-mod the challenge. I'd like to welcome draycevixen, norfolkdumpling, saintvic, sc_fossil, and sineala to the team. The new mod team includes writers, one artist and two vidders, so we'll have lots of experience for covering any issues that come up.

We'll be putting up the new schedule shortly, along with a new (higher) minimum word count, but in the meantime we'd like you all to spread the word and get ready for what we're hoping will be another enjoyable journey.