January 16th, 2011


Hello, and welcome to the second annual Pros Big Bang Fanfiction challenge.


For those of you who haven’t seen a Big Bang Challenge before, it’s a collaborative effort between writers and artists. Writers sign up to write a story with a minimum word count. Later in the process, artists claim a story based on an anonymous story summary and produce at least one piece of art to go with it. The art can be an illustration, a manip, or even a vid.

As we’re a small fandom, for our first big bang, held last year, we set a lower minimum word count than is usual in fandom big bangs, in order to encourage our writers to get their feet wet and to give it a go.

This year, we will be raising the minimum word count to 20,000 words. Remember, that’s a minimum. If you want to write 30,000, or 50,000 or even 100,000 words, we’re not going to complain. In fact we’ll cheer you on.

Writer sign-ups will start on the 1st of February, and run until the 1st of March. Artist sign-ups will also start on the 1st of February, but won’t close until the 30th of May. Stories and art will be due in September, and posting will begin in October, a month later than last year. (A more detailed schedule can be found in the ci5_boxoftricks user info).

So, to summarize, the two major changes from last year are the word count minimum now being set at 20,000 words and the finished stories and artwork posting in October rather than in September.

Even if you don't plan on signing up, do feel free to join the community. You can help by cheerleading, volunteering to beta, providing prompts, and generally joining in the festivities.

So fire up that word processor, sharpen your pencils, fine tune your Photoshop skills, and get ready for Box of Tricks!

Some quick answers from the mod squad...


...to a few questions asked under the last post.

1) You may write a story that is a prequel, sequel or companion piece to a pre-existing story or stories. The new story must of course meet the minimum word requirement and the story/stories it relates to must also be available for reading online via a link.

2) Co-authored stories are acceptable.

3) You are welcome to complete a WIP to meet the challenge as long it has not been previously posted/printed/archived anywhere public.