February 16th, 2011


First Check In Post for the 2011 Pros Big Bang

Welcome to the first regular check in post of the 2011 Pros Big Bang.

This is where you all have chance to chat about how you are doing, flaunt your word count, wring your hands in despair, ask questions, make plans to run off to exotic lands as the deadline looms, celebrate when you reach that goal, show off your pom poms, and generally have fun.

But to start with a quick reminder that all the sign up posts are up and running so whether you fancy writing, joining in as an artist/vidder, offering your beta skills, or becoming a cheerleader you can go over to the posts to join in.

And there is now less than 2 weeks until we reach the deadline for writers to sign up. So without further ado here are the links for all the sign up posts:

Writers sign up post

Artists and vidders sign up post

Beta sign up post

Cheerleader sign up post

Right then, to get us started how about a little poll I do enjoy a good polling *cough*. Let’s say you've signed up, you have an idea for your plot, and you are ready to go, where do you start when you take that plunge and put pen to paper or fingers to the keyboard.

Poll #1704787 First steps

I start.............

at the start, the beginning is everything
at the end, the conclusion is key
in the middle, it's always comfy in the middle
with a detailed outline that grows into the full story as I add to it
with a couple of scenes that are crystal clear in my mind
with random sentences that I weave together later
somewhere different every time, it all depends on the story
with heavy drinking