May 2nd, 2011

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This Week's Check In

It's time for this week's writer check in.

Inspired by merentha13's suggestion of an online slang dictionary, I thought I'd include a few other Brit checking resources:
  • List of British word not widely used in the U.S. (Pretty much as advertised, a big long list of Brit-specific words)
  • U.K. vs. U.S. spelling (For when you're debating using "ise" or "ize")
  • Dictionary of English Slang (This one's my personal fave)

    And inspired by my own incipient panic, how about a poll on how we're all doing:

    How is the Big Bang going for you so far?

    Done, baby! I am done!
    Everything is humming along tickety-boo!
    I'm sure the writer's block is only temporary.
    Uh oh.
    Alcohol! I need more alcohol!

    Bodie and Doyle are very curious to hear how you're all doing...