May 5th, 2011


Have you considered Archive of Our Own?

This year, we would like to actively encourage our Big Bang participants to consider posting their stories to the Archive of Our Own. It’s a well run site that puts control over their own work firmly in the hands of the writers.

That said, our main reason for encouraging this action is that all stories loaded to the AO3 are automatically available for downloading for electronic readers in MOBI, EPUB, PDF and HTML formats.

To be very clear, we are only encouraging this action, *not* requiring it. You are still free to post your story to your own LJ and/or another archive instead of, or in addition to, posting it to the AO3.

We will be contacting AO3 to request new membership codes for any of our participants who are not yet members but would like to *consider* posting their Big Bang submissions there. Although AO3 is not yet ready to host fan art and vids it is working towards this end so if you are producing art for the Big Bang please feel free to request a membership code as well.

We would like to get an idea of how many new membership codes to request so here’s a poll for Big Bang participants:

Would you like an AO3 Membership?

I’m considering it, please request a membership code for me.
I already have an AO3 membership.
I would prefer not to post to the AO3 and so will not require a membership code

If you do *not* wish to post to AO3 but would still like to make a downloadable version of your story available to your readers, we would ask that you be ready to submit a Rich Text Format file of your story (Further details on file format will be provided closer to the due date). These files will be collected together on one website for the convenience of anyone wishing to convert the files for their e-reader.

ci5_boxoftricks collections at the AO3

For those wishing to post their Big Bang stories to the AO3 we have gone ahead and set up collections there for both this year and last year's stories.

To find our collections:

1)Go to the AO3 homepage
2)click the Collections tag and to the right type "CI5 Box of Tricks" in to the Filter by Title box.

There are two subcollections so far, one for 2010 and one for 2011.

If you wish to add your 2010 story and already have an AO3 membership:

1)Click on Subcollections
2)Click on CI5 Box of Tricks 2010
3)Click Post to collection. You'll see a page that looks just like the posting page for your own dashboard. Once you've posted your Big Bang story it will also automatically appear on your personal dashboard.

If you have already posted your 2010 Pros Big Bang story to AO3 you can still add it to the 2010 collection:

1)Sign in and open the Edit tag on your 2010 Big Bang story.
2)In the section about halfway down the page, labelled Associations, the first field is marked Post to Collections/Challenges.
3) In that field, enter: Pros_Big_Bang_2010. In fact, it should be an option on the drop-down menu.
4) Remember to hit the post button.
5) Your 2010 Big Bang story is now also crosslisted under the CI5 Box of Tricks challenge.

If you wish to add your 2010 story and do not have an AO3 membership yet, please ask for one under our last post, even if you're not participating this year.
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Artists on AO3

Following on from Drayce's earlier posts concerning posting work on AO3 I would like to encourage artists to join....

At the moment artists cannot post unless the images are embedded within a document or on a particular url. HOWEVER this is a very good time for artists to join because AO3 are always looking for suggestions and preferences for the design of their upcoming fanart galleries. If you wish you can become an active member of the design crew for the galleries or a beta. Most of the proposals have already been submitted but they seem to be open on an ongoing basis to suggestions. They are working in cycles of design and will be shortly looking for betas for the galleries. See here for information.

They are running a similar project for vidders here if you want to read details