January 14th, 2012

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  • przed

The Pros Big Bang Challenge Returns!

We're back!

After having a second fabulous year, with 16 writers and 16 artists producing nearly 600,000 words of Pros fanfic and a ton of art in all different media, we're gearing up to start our third (third!) Pros Big Bang Challenge.

We're hoping that Pros fandom will once again rise to the challenge and produce lots of lovely long fic and beautiful art for the enjoyment of all the fandom.

We're welcoming back all of last year's modding crew, draycevixen, norfolkdumpling, saintvic, sc_fossil, sineala, and yours truly. We're also very excited to announce that after taking a well-earned year off, one of the BB's founding mothers, callistosh65, has returned as a mod.

We'll be putting up the details of the challenge soon, as well as requesting the input of community members on minimum word count, but in the meantime we'd like you all to spread the word and get ready for what we're hoping will be another enjoyable journey.