March 22nd, 2012

Weekly Check In Post

Howdy Big Bangers!   (That sounded much cleaner in my head....)

How goes it?   Sitting back smug and nearly finished?  Happily chuntering along at the planned pace?  Freaking out and scaring people on the bus by screeching random lines from your story between stops?

It's all good!  Just let us know in the comments.  It'll do you the world of good to get it out - you know it will... *g*

And artists/vidders?  I know we haven't had a chance to get started yet, but have you got any ideas for the art you want to produce?  Are you going to go with your favourite tried and tested techniques, or do you fancy trying something new in honour of this year's stories?   Let us know!

Finally,  here's a few, er...interesting(?) tips for those of you scribbling away at the moment:

How To Write Good

Happy creating!