July 9th, 2012

The Artist Claiming Post

For our artists, now is when you get to claim the story you'd like to work on for the Big Bang.

Here's how:

Click on the cut and read the story summaries. Not all the summaries have titles but they are all numbered.

Comment to the post with your e-mail address and your top four story choices in order of preference.  Artists should also let us know whether they are willing to provide art for a second story, or to pinch-hit if another artist unexpectedly has to pull out, as we have more stories than we do artists. While you will only be working on one or two stories, giving us your top four choices will hopefully minimize the odds of our having to re-contact you. We will be monitoring this post and striking through stories as they're claimed but obviously there might be a bit of a time delay and obviously at some point there won't be four stories left to put in order of preference.

So, here's the form:

We will send you the rough draft of your story selection and your writer's email addie ASAP.

The comments on this post are screened, so your mods are the only ones who will see them. If you have any questions, you can let us know via comment.

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