October 23rd, 2012

Green Eyes Doyle

Voyages of the CI5 by Allie

Title: Voyages of the CI5
Author: hutchynstarsk
Artist: togsos
Archive to Pros Lib: doesn't apply, but of course if desired
Genre: Gen
Characters/Pairing: Bodie, Doyle
Word count:
Warnings (highlight to read): Contains mentions of child pornography, (non-graphic)

Summary: In a futuristic world, Cowley hires two men to work as pilots on his spaceship: scarred ex-soldier Bodie and chip-on-his-shoulder Doyle. In the boredom of space, their early antagonism slowly grows to friendship. During Cowley’s dangerous missions for them, Bodie stands by Doyle as no one else has ever done. Then a galaxy-wide danger—and Bodie’s sudden secrecy—tests their friendship beyond what most could survive. Can Doyle stick by his partner no matter what, or will Bodie manage to push him away?

Notes: With massive thanks to inlovewithboth and lillianorchid for encouragement and help when I got stuck and wanted to give up, to anna060957 for her helpful and diligent beta, to togsos for her amazing and beautiful art, and to the mods for their help, encouragement, and kindness.
Note: This story is related to and inspired by "The Lost Ring," but doesn't match up exactly with it: http://teaandswissroll.livejournal.com/456238.html

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