March 11th, 2013

Pros Sweetness by Ankaree

Weekly Check In Post

Hello, BB folks! This is your friendly weekly check in post. I'm here to encourage you as you write your epic. Any questions? Any problems? I can celebrate with you as you make progress, or I cry with you if you need me to. *bg* Really, I'd love to hear from folks about your progress. It's not too early to be writing. Heck, it's fine if you're on your first page or if you're finished. :)

Me, I'm through my first draft. Keep in mind my first drafts are more like filled in outlines, with everything I've considered tossed into the mix. I feel sorry for the long-suffering dawnebeth who is brave enough to read my first ramblings. She is a woman of substance.

So here's some encouragement and/or eye candy.