March 20th, 2013


Hi De Hi, campers! It's that time again

First, a little housekeeping business.

While it is not required, we actively encourage our Big Bang participants to post their stories and artwork to our Big Bang Collections over at Archive of Our Own. There will be detailed instructions closer to posting time.

All stories loaded to the AO3 are automatically available for downloading for electronic readers in MOBI, EPUB, PDF and HTML formats which is particularly beneficial to many of our fen who have health issues.

So, if you've signed up for our Big Bang as either a writer or artist, and do not yet have an AO3 membership, please let me know as we have some to hand out. This way you can begin familiarizing yourself with the site by perhaps loading older or, for that matter, current work to your account.


All rightey then, let's check in!