October 19th, 2013


In the Frame by Dawnwind

Title: In the Frame
Author name: dawnebeth
Artist name: sc_fossil
Genre: Slash
Characters/Pairing: Bodie/Doyle, Sid/Chico
Word count: 49083
Warnings: Kinky sex

Summary: Crossover with Racing Game; sequel to For Kicks. It's not necessary to read the first story from the CI5 Box of Tricks Big Bang 2011. A dead jockey and drugged racehorses send Bodie and Doyle, along with Sid and Chico, into the world of horse racing to catch a sniper and discover who has been trying to control the race results.

in the frame is a racing term meaning a horse that has placed in the top three or four of a race and is in contention for a place.

Notes: Heaps of thanks to my pal sc_fossil, aka Kat, aka Kat-Byrd who did double duty as beta reader and my artist. I literally couldn't have done this without her help and support. She sent me a gorgeous vid that made me jump for joy, and the cover piece for the story is brilliant. I hope I have posted the link correctly. Thanks also to wightfaerie who isn't even in this fandom and did the Brit checking for me. Hugs to all the comm on the CI5 box of tricks, cause I love the cheerleading and friendly suggestions all along the way.

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