November 19th, 2013

Pros Box of Tricks

Future of Big Bang Poll

Hi everyone, first of all massive thanks again to everyone who took part in the Pros BB this year and don't forget to check out all the stories (you can see the masterlist here).

It's about this time of year that we like to chat about the BB and this year, given dwindling participation, we've decided to run a poll to see what our big bang participants think about the future of the Pros Big Bang.

PLEASE NOTE: You are welcome to participate in this poll if you have successfully posted a story, piece of artwork and/or vid to the Big Bang in any of the four years Box of Tricks has been running. If you have NOT participated but vote anyway your vote will be discounted.

If you have not participated but would like to see how the vote is going please click *only* the tick box in the second question.


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Question 1: The future of the Box of Tricks Big Bang

The Big Bang should continue as an annual event
I think the Big Bang should move to being held every other year
As 2014 would be the 5th anniversary of the Big Bang we should hold one more and then call it quits
It's been a good four years but it's time to call it a day

Question 2: I'm not eligible to participate in this vote but I want to see the results

So I ticked this box