September 1st, 2014

MS Read by Kat

Weekly Check-In Post And Reminder

Hello, fellow Pros lovers, writers, artists and cheerleaders. It's almost time! OMG! I'm so excited!!! We have less than a month before final drafts from writers and rough drafts from artists are due. *bounces* Check out all of the requirements HERE.

So this is the weekly check-in post. Now is the time to ask me any questions or let me or any of the mods know about any problems you're having with your story, the deadlines, art and/or the price of tea in London. *bg* I'd love to hear from everybody.

Does anybody need a set of eyeballs on their story? I can give it a read if you like. Artists, everything progressing nicely? Talk to me! I feel so alone if nobody talks to me. LOL!

In a month from today, we shall have our first new, shiny and amazingly fantabulous Pros story, with more to come throughout October. Life, she is good. :)