November 1st, 2014

doyle closeup
  • sineala

Thank you!

The fifth annual Professionals Big Bang is over, and we'd like to thank you all for making it a success! Whether you wrote a story, made art, served as a beta or cheerleader, or just read and enjoyed, thank you so much for participating!

Once again, we'd also like to thank callistosh65 and przed, without whom there would have been no Pros Big Bang!

This year there were 16 stories, for a grand total of 492,416 words of brand-new Pros fic.

Shortest story: 15,578 words
Longest story: 51,732 words
Average: 30,776 words

Thanks again!

Your mods,
draycevixen, norfolkdumpling, saintvic, sc_fossil, sineala