May 6th, 2015


Pros BB Weekly Check In Post

Hello everyone and welcome to the weekly check in post *waves*

First just a quick reminder that the artists sign ups have begun and will continue until May 31. To find out more and sign up follow this link:

Artists Sign Up Post.

Next a couple of links for you. The first is to a wonderfully distracting site, after all you can't write/draw/vid all the time:

Tv Tropes

Next how about a bit of picture/video/quote inspiration. Below is a link to the "random post" option on the DailyPros tumblr - each time you click it you should get something new :)

DailyPros Random Post

And of course this is your chance to check in and chat. So let us know how you are getting on with your writing, if you have any questions, if you thinking about signing up as an artist and how we can bribe you to do so.