October 31st, 2015

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Artwork for A FUTURE TO THIS LIFE by Verlaine

Title: Artwork for A FUTURE TO THIS LIFE by Verlaine
Artist: loxleyprince
Author: loyseofverlaine
Archive to Pros Lib: Yes
Genre: Slash
Characters/Pairing: Bodie/Doyle
Warnings: None

Summary: With half the galaxy on the verge of civil war, George Cowley of Cyborg Institute 5 sends one of his best operatives, Cyborg R4A5Y, to Murani Station to protect United Earth diplomat Dr. Harbinger. But not even Cowley is aware of the full extent of the intrigue aboard the space station. Who is the real target of the elusive assassin Ramos? What role is being played by the sinister Ambassador Rahad?

When R4A5Y discovers that Rahad is holding another cyborg captive, he resolves to rescue him, no matter what Cowley's orders are. But W3A7P is a different kind of cyborg altogether, and his determination to stop Rahad may force R4A5Y to choose between his mission and his future.

Notes: HUGE kudos to my fabulous writer, Verlaine, for her AMAZING story. I've had the most wonderful time making artwork for it and simply couldn't stop. The more story she gave me to read, the more art I was inspired to make. The whole working-together thing was brilliant! Verlaine, I LOVE YOUR STORY SOO MUCH!!! :-)

HUGE thanks also to the BB mods who've made the 2015 PROS BB such a HUMUNGOUS success, and to the other cheerleaders who've been so supportive during the creative process. Well done, you lot!!! :-)

Link to Art: Art Master Post
Link to Story: Story Master Post