January 7th, 2016


Future of the Pros Big Bang

Dear Pros Fandom

We all want to heartily thank you for the pleasure and honour of serving as the mods of CI5_Box of Tricks since 2011. In that time, the Pros Big Bang community has brought 2,681,473 new words to the fandom along with accompanying art and vids and we are so proud of hosting BoT these past years.

Therefore, we regret to announce that as a group we have decided that that we are not able to continue running the Pros Big Bang challenge anymore due to other commitments.

However, it would be wonderful to turn over the helm to someone else, so if you are interested in continuing the endeavour please drop a line to prosbigbang@gmail.com.

Thank you all!

draycevixen, norfolkdumpling, saintvic, sc_fossil and sineala