June 8th, 2016

Plot Bunny

Pros BB Weekly Check in Post

Hello, intrepid Pros BB writers and artists!

It's Weekly Check-in time again, so how are things going?

Artists and Vidders, are you screen-capping the *entire* Internet (and all 4 box-sets of the Pros DVDs) on the off-chance it might come in handy? (because, it might, you know. It really might...)

Writers, is your story almost at its destination, still en route but travelling hopefully, or stopped at a Little Chef for an All-day breakfast and a read of the papers? Wherever it is, it's all good! Just let us know by leaving a comment and you shall be rewarded by the BB cheerleaders waving their pom-poms in a positive frenzy of enthusiasm in your vicinity (and if that doesn't have you fleeing to the relative safety of your favourite writing place, I'm sure I don't know what will.)

And if you're finding yourself struggling for inspiration, don't forget that Euro 2016 kicks off (literally) on Friday! Bet Bodie and Doyle would be watching it, or trying to, if only Cowley would let them... *g*