July 14th, 2019


2019 Artists Assignments and Authors Summary ID Big Reveal

The mods of the 2019 Big Bang are extremely pleased to announce the writers' and artists' match ups! I am so excited!

Writers, you will receive an email with the contact details of your artist.

Artists, you will receive an email with your writer's info and their rough draft.

If you haven't had an email by the end of the week, please let us know by emailing us at prosbigbangtwo@gmail.com. Also if you see any mistakes in this list, drop us a line. Thanks to everybody!

LilyK author -- KrisserCI5 artist
Summary: A shocking discovery leads Doyle and Bodie on an unusual quest to discover the truth.

Dawnwind author -- Doyle on Canvas artist

High Stakes Summary

Chico and Sid learn that the senior steward of the Jockey Club has died. Bodie and Doyle uncover his murder, and the implication that he was involved in some extremely risky business. This fouls Bodie and Doyle’s plans for the weekend—and possibly their entire future. The Professionals/Racing Game crossover.

Verlaine author -- mella68 artist

Hostages to Fortune

Slash; Bodie/Doyle; case-fic; kidfic
Warning: details of child abuse and child trafficking

While Doyle is still recovering from being shot by Mayli, he and Bodie are assigned as redundant back-up for surveillance of an IRA terrorist in London. Still worried about his health and his future in CI5, Doyle becomes increasingly doubtful about why he and Bodie have been assigned to the case. And why has hardened terrorist Sean Donovan brought his children with him to England? As they uncover the details, Bodie and Doyle must make a choice about where their loyalties lie, and how far they will go in the name of CI5.

jat_sapphire author -- Macklingirl artist

Working title: Underground
As a young man, Ray Doyle came to London with barely the train fare in his pocket. He lived in Brixton, among abandoned flats and a sexually and racially diverse population. He chose family and worked for social change … and slept with men, women, and genderfluid people. Then he joined the Met and later, CI5. He'd hoped his partner Bodie would never have to know.
Now CI-5 has an operation in the Brixton squats, and Ray must tell Bodie enough about his past there to make sure they can work safely and complete their assignment. They must work together and come to terms with their new knowledge and both their sexualities, as well as the unforeseen complications of their assignment.
The object of their assignment, Szymon Nowak, is hesitating to come in. Bodie and Doyle don't know why. Nowak has a boyfriend he has not told them about. Their relationship is volatile and intense. The boyfriend thinks Bodie and Doyle threaten his relationship with Nowak and tries to chase them away. The gay community in the squats which Nowak is part of protects him and drives off his boyfriend, who is part of King Billy's biker gang.
Nowak comes in and that case seems to be over, but Doyle is still stuck between Billy and Nowak's boyfriend on one side and Bodie and his Brixton community on the other. Bodie needs to work with Doyle, not “protect” him by shutting him out and driving him into an impossible position. Doyle needs to be more open about his past, his sexual identity, and his commitment to Bodie.

Cornishcat author -- macklingirl artist
A face from his distant past unexpectedly arrives in London and Bodie finds himself drawn undercover, alone and unprepared.
Unable to contact HQ without putting himself at risk, he has to wait until Doyle tracks him down before he can pass over the vital information necessary to prevent an IRA attack on the mainland.
But where does Ray start looking?

Bodie24 author -- merentha13 artist

Times Change

Cowley has set up Bodie and Doyle once too often and Bodie has finally had enough.

While Doyle is musing things over, Bodie hands in his resignation, expecting his partner to follow suit and when Doyle doesn't, Bodie is deeply hurt.

Cowley, realizing he's losing Bodie, makes Doyle an offer. When Bodie hears about it he feels that Doyle has badly let him down.

While Bodie is working his notice period he has withdrawn completely from Doyle. Doyle is struggling to try and get Bodie to open up. A life and death shoot out leads Doyle to a last ditch attempt to save their partnership.

Ubicaritas author -- gvenanne artist

As the legend goes, if the ravens should ever leave, the Tower will crumble into dust, and great harm will befall the kingdom.
Credible threats have been made against the nation’s antiquities. CI5 agents Bodie and Murphy are sent undercover to work as part of the Guard Extraordinary, the special defence force tasked with the protection the Tower of London. Their assignment: protect the ravens at all cost.
At the Tower, Bodie and Murphy meet former Metropolitan Police Detective Constable Raymond Doyle, Yeoman Warder and member of the Extraordinary… who also happens to be the RavenMaster of the Tower’s formidable flock.
As the threat deepens, Bodie must deal with his growing attraction to the enigmatic Doyle, even as he fights to keep both him and his precious birds safe from harm.
And when the ravens and their master suddenly disappear, Bodie must find them and return them to the Tower before the legend is fulfilled…

Golden_bastet author -- banbury artist

B has spent his time serving in Pharaoh's army out of the country, away from the land of his birth. He's used to the chaotic life of the southern border, where souls from across the known world meet to trade, to bargain, to fight.

Under the new Pharaoh, however, things quickly change and his unit is transferred to Akhetaten. Built twenty years earlier by the Heretic Pharaoh, and abandoned twelve years after that, the isolated city is virtually abandoned, the only souls remaining those who were unable to leave after the fall of the Heretic's rule.

Most of them are congregated into a small outpost by the river, where they live a life very similar to any small village throughout the land. But there still remain a few priests in the Temple of the Aten, continuing the rites of the Heretic's old religion. The priests mostly keep to themselves, but can be hostile when confronted. At least the stroppy one with the curly hair -- whom B has the displeasure of continually running into.

B's unit spends its mornings drilling, drilling, drilling – and its afternoon unoccupied. There's nothing to be found for miles, much less a threat.

Abandoned city, sulky priests, constant drills. B has no idea why his unit has been stationed there. And he's wondering how he can get himself transferred with some action.

Though he's about to find out.

Klara 3745 author -- brune artist

During the summer of 1981 a series of murders are passed to CI5 to deal with as they involve civil servants and Cowley has an itch that needs scratching. During routine enquiries a fingerprint is found and the identity of the killer is revealed to have links to Bodie’s past and also Belfast. To begin with it is believed that the killer’s target may be Bodie but Cowley makes a connection that could implicate another member of the squad. With one member of the squad injured and one on the missing list will they be able to prevent the killer from striking again? How will traumatic events from the past affect the present?

WARNING: This story deals with the effects of rape and abortion but does not go into great detail

Murphybabe author -- firle artist


Bodie, a writer, arrives at the gates of a Scottish castle in the remote Western Isles in search of a story about artist Ray Doyle, who disappeared after an explosion in his art gallery three years ago when he was seriously injured in a raid.
The castle belongs to local laird, George Cowley, who has many interesting stories to tell, none of them very credible. Doyle has been employed to house-sit and keep an eye on Mr. Cowley, but it seems that there may be more to his role than he realised when CI5 turn up, wanting to find a missing piece of information before the Russians come calling. Soon Bodie and Doyle’s developing love affair is most inconsiderately interrupted by a succession of helicopters, civil servants, lost foreign task forces and the Russians.
All they really want is for everyone to go away again so they can get back to where they were: Bodie posing for Doyle’s first painting since the raid, and the constantly interrupted first kiss…

krisser author -- KrisserCI5 artist

Honourable Magic

After Bodie's aunt dies Bodie learns a family secret. Can Cowley and Doyle can help?

merentha13 author -- KrisserCI5 artist


Story about Bodie and Doyle.