October 28th, 2019


Horizon of the Aten by Golden Bastet

Title: Horizon of the Aten
Author name: Golden Bastet
Artist name: Banbury
Genre: Slash
Archive to ProsLib: Yes
Characters/Pairing: William Bodie/Raymond Doyle (basically :-))
Word count: 26,888
Warnings: None

Summary: Bakenranef has spent his time in Pharaoh's army out of the country, away from the land of his birth. He's used to the chaotic life of the southern border, where souls from across the known world meet to trade, to bargain, to fight.

Things quickly change when his unit is transferred to Akhetaten. Built some years earlier by the Heretic Pharaoh, and abandoned shortly after that, the isolated city is virtually abandoned, the only souls remaining those who were unable to leave after the fall of the Heretic's rule.

Most of them have congregated in a small outpost by the river, where they live a life very similar to any small village throughout the land. But there still remain a few priests in the Temple of the Aten, continuing the rites of the Heretic's old religion. The priests mostly keep to themselves, but can be hostile when confronted. At least the stroppy one with the curly hair -- whom Bakenranef has the displeasure of running into.

The soldier's unit spends its mornings drilling, drilling, drilling – and its afternoon unoccupied. There's nothing to be found for miles, much less a threat.

Abandoned city, sulky priests, constant drills. Bakenranef has no idea why his unit has been stationed there. And he's going stir crazy with the inaction of this posting.

Although things are about to change.

Notes: Thanks to banbury for the very pretty pictures and to Solosundance for her awesome beta as always :D

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