November 2nd, 2020


And so, dear friends, we come to the end of yet another challenge. It seemed (to me at least), that October took an age to arrive but was then over in a flash leaving me woefully behind in my reading and commenting.

I WILL read all the stories, that I faithfully promise and I MUST remember to comment after all the hard work that each one of you have put in to help keep this challenge and our beloved fandom alive.

So, it falls to me to thank you, one and all, for your participation and continued support for The CI5 Box of Tricks Big Bang.
2020 has been a truly dreadful year. Hopefully, through our own efforts, we’ve managed to inject some little sparks of nostalgic beauty into a very depressed world.

Long live Pros, long live The BB and long live you all.


Boothros x