February 10th, 2021

2018 BB

Where do ideas come from?

Note with BIG thanks: this very helpful post was written for the 2011 Big Bang by Sineala (I hope she doesn't mind our borrowing it!)

That's an excellent question. You see, when two grown-up ideas love each other very, very much--

Wait, sorry. Wrong subject entirely. Ahem.

You may remember last year's excellent first Pros Big Bang and you may now be observing the organizational proceedings for this year's round with a mix of -- dare I say it? -- excitement and trepidation.

"Self," you may be saying to yourself, "The Big Bang looks incredibly fun, and I wish I could sign up for it. But I cannot, because I have no ideas! I wouldn't want to sign up without any idea of what to write!"

Never fear! We are here to help. (It is, of course, perfectly licit to sign up as a writer without having an idea, should you be that daring. But you may not be, hence this post.)

Here, in a vaguely-ordered list, are some ways to help you come up with ideas:

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...so, how do you come up with ideas? Any methods to share? How have you found the ideas for your stories?

Start thinking, and look for this year's prompt post next week!