March 10th, 2021


Weekly check in post!!!

Yeah! We have fab writers. . . . .we have the lads. . . . .alll we need. . . . . .words, words, words!

So we now begin another year of helping out. . . . here is a place to share . . . . .

the fact that you will soon realise that you were body swapped when someone "else' signed you up and then vacated and left you to do the actual work . . . .

Why yes, i did have some very inventive tales as why my homework wasn't finished . . . what, don't look at me that way, some of them might have been true.

If I had gone to school in New Foundland, I could have used the polar bear ate it and that would have been true! Southern Calif, not so much.

So if you need help inventing excuses, no I mean any other kind of help.. . just shout out. . . we are here ( or someone ){what's my excuse. . oh I'm tending the sheep- that's it!}

Happy writing!!!