July 15th, 2021


2021 Artists Assignments and Authors Summary ID Big Reveal

The mods of the 2021 Big Bang are extremely pleased to announce the writers' and artists' match ups! I am so excited!

Writers, you will receive an email with the contact details of your artist.

Artists, you will receive an email with your writer's info and their rough draft.

If you haven't had an email by the end of the week, please let us know by emailing us at prosbigbangtwo@gmail.com. Also if you see any mistakes in this list, drop us a line. Thanks to everybody!

 1. Untitled by Creidne __________ art by  sweetymutant

Canon divergent story set immediately after the episode, “Involvement.” It’s
been a rough fortnight since Doyle’s whirlwind fiancée left him. Cowley has been keeping the team too busy to allow Doyle to dwell on much of anything other than CI5 ops. With 48 hours off the active roster, Bodie shows up at his partner’s flat to sort Doyle out, hoping their on-again-off-
again relationship will be on again. Ann was unable to escape the clutches of the family drug smuggling business before leaving London and there’s been bloodshed. With her life in danger, Ann shows up to Doyle’s flat the morning after Bodie reconciles with his partner. She is neither
blind nor stupid, but is desperate enough to demand protection under her terms. Ann proposes pretending to resurrect their relationship to solve two problems... keep herself safe until she can start a new life, while keeping the true depth of Bodie and Doyle’s relationship secret. Cowley is
willing to take advantage of Ann’s return to catch the Christmas Man’s remaining associates.

Notes: Bodie/Doyle. Past Ann Holly/ Ray Doyle. Explicit. Internalized homophobia. Canon divergent set after episode, “Involvement”. Established dysfunctional, co-dependant relationship. Intent to treat the character of Ann with respect.

 2. Traitors in our Midst by dawnbeth  _______ art by tin turtle

Doyle has been accused of being a traitor. He doesn’t know by whom or why—but he’s been literally stabbed in the back and is on the run, leaving Bodie behind to investigate the mess. Will they ever see each other again?

 3. He Comes Bearing Gifts by Donato ______________ art by  brune

Bodie takes Doyle to an out of the way pub where over several drinks they finally open up about their feelings for one another and come to terms with aspects of their lives. Just when Doyle thinks he’s got everything sorted, Bodie throws him a curve ball and his life will never be the same again.

 4. John Coogan is not the only villain with a grudge against Doyle....  by Fiorenza_a ________ art by  boothros
(Not slash – but explicit chapters depicting non-consensual homo-sadism)

5. He Never Thought of Himself A Coward But…by Herlech1000  ______________ art by banbury

Bodie heads off on a personal crusade and tells himself that because its personal its nothing to do with Doyle and there is no reason for Doyle to be involved at all. The crusade turns into Covert Op and over runs the time it was expected to take to complete. Unfortunately, due to crappy timing on
his part and an emergency call out on Doyle’s side, their reunion does not go as Bodie planned.

Faced with the prospect of losing Doyle not only as his Ci5 partner but as his lover, Bodie has to first find the courage to admit to himself how much he cares about his stubborn awkward as hell partner. Then find the right way to go about asking for Doyle’s forgiveness - hoping Doyle will let him put it right for both their sakes. All the time aware that, driven by his own fears, his own actions have led him to unintentionally betray Doyle’s trust, Bodie knows he’ll be lucky to get a second chance with Doyle but the alternative doesn’t bear thinking about.

 6. Smoke and Mirrors by   marjorammax______ art by Fiorenza

Information is being leaked from the Ministry of Defence and getting into Russian hands, and CI5 is brought in to trace, and stop, the leaks. The most likely culprit is a Minister whose mistress just so happens to have an ex-husband who is a lecturer in Russian studies. Bodie and Doyle find themselves undercover as the landlord and chef of a Cotswold’s pub, keeping an eye on the mistress and her errant lover whilst trying to catch them in the act of passing on secrets. Running a pub is a dream assignment for the two CI5 agents and it’s a simple obbo, so what could possibly go wrong?
Note: Gen

 7. A Fist Full of Smoke by merentha 13______ art by macklin girl

Post “Take Away”
Following up a lead from a grass, despite reservations from his partner, Doyle finds himself held captive by a local drug gang with a surprising connection. It’s left to Bodie to clean up the mess.

8. The Eyes of Horus by LilyK ________ art by SC Fossil

(slash, established relationship)

The Eyes of Horus is a present day, same age as canon case story. Bodie is set up to take a fall. It is based on the television series, The Capture. No knowledge of that series is necessary to read this story.

9. Treasured Magic by krisser  __________ art by krisserci5

Story three in the CI5 Thaumaturgy Series
Will Bodie's training be enough to face the upcoming war?