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Master list for the 2019 Professionals Big Bang

Hi everyone, here is the Master list for the 2019 Professionals Big Bang, and in order to make to it easier for you to read, view and revisit all the fabulous work created this year, under the cut you will find a master list of all the entries for the 2019 Professionals Big Bang.

The list includes links which will take you to the main posts for the stories, and art. At the main posts you will find the full details and links to the stories and art themselves.

Below the list we copied some basic information from the headers, organised it by story title, and posted the direct links to stories. The art links are contained within each individual fic post.

Lastly here is a link to the AO3 collections page: here.

This list will take you to the LJ post, below includes direct fic links.



Cornish Cat


Gvenanne art post

Golden Bastet

Jat Sapphire



Lily K



Title: Snakes and Ladders
Author name: bodie24
Artist name: merentha13

Summary: Cowley has set up Bodie and Doyle once too often and Bodie has finally had enough.
While Doyle was still musing things over, Bodie handed in his resignation, expecting his partner to follow suit and when he didn't, was deeply hurt. Cowley makes Doyle an offer of being his successor, and Bodie gets to hear about it. Bodie is feeling resentful at how badly Doyle has let him down, especially as he was still smarting at Cowley's perceived betrayal. Doyle has tried various tactics to try and draw Bodie out, but to no avail. On the one hand, Cowley's offer is hard to refuse, or at least, that's what he knows Bodie thinks.

It's their last day as partners at CI5 as Bodie has worked his notice period and has withdrawn completely from Doyle, not willing to discuss anything and Doyle is struggling to try and get Bodie to open up.

Fic Master Post

Title: Buen Camino, Bodie
Author name: Sharon Ray (boothros)
Artist name: DoyleOnCanvas

Bodie goes on a long walk …

Fic Master Post

Out of Reach by cornishcat
Title: Out of Reach
Author name: cornishcat
Artist name: macklingirl

Summary: A face from his distant past unexpectedly arrives in London and Bodie finds himself drawn undercover, alone and unprepared.

Unable to contact HQ without putting himself at risk, he has to wait until Doyle tracks him down before he can pass over the vital information necessary to prevent an IRA attack on the mainland.
But where does Ray start looking?

Fic Master Post

Title: High Stakes
Author name: Dawnwind
Artist name: Doyleoncanvas

Summary: Chico and Sid learn that the senior steward of the Jockey Club has died. Bodie and Doyle uncover his murder, and the implication that he was involved in some extremely risky business. This fouls Bodie and Doyle’s plans for the weekend—and possibly their entire future. The Professionals/Racing Game crossover.

Fic Master Post

Should Harm Befall Us by ubicaritas
Title: Should Harm Befall Us
Artist: gvenanne
Author: ubicaritas
Archive to Pros Lib: Yes
Characters/Pairing: Bodie, Doyle, Cowley, Murphy

Fic Master Post

Title: Horizon of the Aten
Author name: Golden Bastet
Artist name: Banbury

Summary: Bakenranef has spent his time in Pharaoh's army out of the country, away from the land of his birth. He's used to the chaotic life of the southern border, where souls from across the known world meet to trade, to bargain, to fight.

Things quickly change when his unit is transferred to Akhetaten. Built some years earlier by the Heretic Pharaoh, and abandoned shortly after that, the isolated city is virtually abandoned, the only souls remaining those who were unable to leave after the fall of the Heretic's rule.

Most of them have congregated in a small outpost by the river, where they live a life very similar to any small village throughout the land. But there still remain a few priests in the Temple of the Aten, continuing the rites of the Heretic's old religion. The priests mostly keep to themselves, but can be hostile when confronted. At least the stroppy one with the curly hair -- whom Bakenranef has the displeasure of running into.

The soldier's unit spends its mornings drilling, drilling, drilling – and its afternoon unoccupied. There's nothing to be found for miles, much less a threat.

Abandoned city, sulky priests, constant drills. Bakenranef has no idea why his unit has been stationed there. And he's going stir crazy with the inaction of this posting.

Although things are about to change.

Fic Master Post

Title: Out on the Streets
Author: jat_sapphire
Artist: macklingirl

Summary: As a young man, Ray Doyle came to London with barely the train fare in his pocket. He lived in Brixton, among abandoned flats and a sexually and racially diverse population. He chose family and worked for social change … and slept with men, women, and genderfluid people. Then he joined the Met and later, CI5. He'd hoped his partner Bodie would never have to know.

Now CI-5 has an operation in the Brixton squats, and Ray must tell Bodie enough about his past there to make sure they can work safely and complete their assignment. They must work together and come to terms with their new knowledge and both their sexualities, as well as the unforeseen complications of their assignment

Fic Master Post

Title: Echoes from the Past
Author name: klara3745
Artist name: brune_arici

Summary: As provided by the author:
During the summer of 1981 a series of unsolved murders are passed to CI5 as they involve civil servants and Cowley has an itch that needs scratching. During routine enquiries a fingerprint is found and the identity of the killer is found to have links to Bodie's past and also Belfast. To begin with it is thought that the target may be Bodie but Cowley makes a connection that could implicate another member of the squad. With one member of the squad injured and one on the missing list will they be able to prevent the killer from striking again? How will traumatic events from the past affect the present?

Fic Master Post

Title: Hounourable Magic
Author name: krisserci5
Artist name: krisserci5

Summary: An inheritance yields an unexpected course change in Bodie's life.

Fic Master Post

Title: Dreamland
Author name: sc_fossil
Artist name: krisserci5

Summary: A shocking discovery leads Doyle and Bodie on an unusual quest to discover the truth.

Fic Master Post

Title: Agendas
Author: merentha13
Artist: krisserci5

Summary:Detective Constable Raymond Doyle, CI5 Controller George Cowley, CI5 Agent WAP Bodie and a ruthless gang of thugs all have their own agendas. DC Doyle wants the man who orchestrated his partner's death. Cowley and Bodie are working to bring down a criminal gang and they both want Doyle - albeit for different reasons. Unfortunately two bosses in the criminal world have their own plans. When the dust finally settles, who will get what they want?

Fic Master Post

Title: Hostages to Fortune
Author: Verlaine (loyseofverlaine)
Artist: krisserci5

Summary: While Doyle is still recovering from being shot by Mayli, he and Bodie are assigned as redundant back-up for surveillance of an IRA terrorist in London. Still worried about his health and his future in CI5, Doyle becomes increasingly doubtful about why he and Bodie have been assigned to the case. And why has hardened terrorist Steve Donovan brought his children with him to England? As they uncover the details, Bodie and Doyle must make a choice about where their loyalties lie, and how far they will go in the name of CI5.

Fic Master Post

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