golden_bastet (golden_bastet) wrote in ci5_boxoftricks,

Weekly Check-In Post

Hullo, folks!

Well, the SS CI5 has gotten underway, and the words are beginning to come together. Or not; it's early yet, it's possible you're fussing at the ending of Sanditon* soaking in your Pros vibes and getting your story thoughts in order. No problem either way!

So, how is it going? Are the lads behaving? Are the lads *not* behaving? (Much more interesting, IMO.) Anything you need feedback on, a kind word about, or just a chance to update? This is the place to celebrate / commiserate / just generally hang out.

Glad to have you aboard, and welcome to the Box of Tricks cruise! Here, have a little umbrella with your drink.

* Just ended in the U.S. And for what it's worth, I liked the ending of Sanditon - it was a little more realistic than normal. But if they get a second season, that'll get fixed. *snort*
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