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Weekly Check-In Post


It's that time again... BB Check-In Time!

And how are you doing, BBers?

Really, I got nuthin' today. The world is crazy and folks are hoarding cat littler now (don't get me started). But there's always the lads to cheer things up.

SO - how are they?
  • Is Doyle trapped under a mountain of illegally stockpiled loo paper?

  • Has Bodie been sent out in a race with the clock to find a bottle of hand sanitizer for less than £75?

  • And what does social distancing do to their relationship? (Wah.)

Don't despair; this too shall eventually end. In the meantime you can let us know what travails your lads are running into.

And, more seriously (because I don't want to downplay this but the hoarding is out of control) know that we're all here for each other, and we will all get through this. Stupid governments or not.

* Okay, not doing too well with leaving the politics out of it. But still. S>:-(
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