Pale Rider (boothros) wrote in ci5_boxoftricks,
Pale Rider

Writers Deadline Tonight

Okay, dear writers, it’s now time to get serious as your rough drafts and story summaries are now DUE. The deadline for your submissions is midnight tonight.

We would like from you, a draft of at least 6000 words, (submitted as a file), a short summary of the story that we can share with our artists so they can make their choices (submitted as a file), a reasonable outline of the entire story (which can remain in your hard drive or your head) and a commitment that you intend to finish (which can remain in your heart).

The next announcements post will contain all the summaries for the artists to see. If you have any problems submitting your files, please refer to Kris’ post from June the 24th or contact us here at though please bear in mind, Artists Claims Day is the 9th of July, so we hope to have any major issues dealt with by then.

We’re looking forward to hearing from you all and thanks as ever, for your participation.
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