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2020 Artists Assignments and Authors Summary ID Big Reveal

The mods of the 2020 Big Bang are extremely pleased to announce the writers' and artists' match ups! I am so excited!

Writers, you will receive an email with the contact details of your artist.

Artists, you will receive an email with your writer's info and their rough draft.

If you haven't had an email by the end of the week, please let us know by emailing us at Also if you see any mistakes in this list, drop us a line. Thanks to everybody!

Tipping Point by bodie24 ===== art by Macklingirl

Doyle disappears while Bodie is recovering from an injury. The Ci5 notice board says he’s undercover. As time goes by and Doyle is still absent, Bodie, with a prompt from Cowley, starts to put two and two together and comes looking for his partner. He has something to say....

Untitled by golden_bastet ==== art by Firle

By all measures, Raymond Doyle is a successful man. As a renowned portraitist and a denizen of London’s haute-monde, he mingles with kings and prime ministers, the famous and the well-placed. No hostess is considered a success without a portrait by him on her wall; no party is considered to have started without his presence, and he has his choice of any bed he might desire (though he is discreet). For a man who started life at the bottom of the heap, his existence is almost magical. But one day, his gift dries up. He is still in demand, wanted, desired; but he knows it’s only a matter of time before its discovered. Raymond Doyle is also a man of action. So he decides to leave grey London behind, in search of his lost inspiration; travelling somewhere, anywhere, where no one will know him, where he can sort out his artistic block and get back to his life. Landing in a small seaside hotel on the Mediterranean, he is amused, even charmed by his rustic surroundings – until a group of mercenaries also take up lodgings. And in his surroundings Doyle finds his spark – and far more danger than he could imagine.

The Heart of My Heart by jat_sapphire ==== art by Jinko

Bodie and Doyle are assigned to guard a diplomatic party (Crown Prince Ivor Ivanovitch, Sir James Ratcliffe, and Baron Rastka, of the small nation of Samavia) who are visiting Queen Elizabeth at Buckingham Palace and then at Balmoral. Crown Prince Ivor looks very much like Bodie, and it turns out that there's a very good reason for the resemblance: Ivor is Bodie's father. In fact, although Bodie thought his parents were not married, they were. When King Ivor (Bodie's grandfather) dies, Bodie will become the heir to the throne of Samavia. Will Bodie leave CI5, Doyle, and England? Does he have a choice?

Marty by Klara3745 ==== art by Macklingirl

Gunrunner subpoenaed to testify in the US leads to a routine babysitting job - what could possible go wrong? Bodie and Doyle are brought out of semi-retirement, one running training the other pandering to Whitehall, to work together for the first time in almost 7 years.

Animosity, antagonism, curiosity and rocket propelled grenades look set to spoil someones’ promised holiday leave whilst everyone is trying not to kill each other. Bodie is caught in the middle with Doyle and Martell trying his patience - they both know about different aspects of his life and both have questions.
Will they get the answers they are looking for, will Marty make his flight and will the past finally be buried?

Magnified Magic by krisser ==== artist – krisser

The further magical adventures of Bodie and Doyle.
A sequel to Honourable Magic.

Straighten Up and Fly Right by LilyK ==== art by LilyK

Doyle thinks he wants to marry his lover, but when he flies to Ireland to ask his partner to marry him, he meets up with an annoying pub landlord. Other ideas and feelings start to take over. AU wingfic fic (very loosely) based on the film, Leap Year.

Untitled by merentha13 ==== art by cloudless

Post “Take Away” Following up a lead from a grass, despite reservations from his partner, Doyle finds himself held captive by a local drug gang with a surprising connection. It’s left to Bodie to clean up the mess.

Untitled by Murphybabe ==== art by brune

Doyle was working undercover in an art gallery when there was a bomb attack. When he recovered from serious head injuries, he had no memory of CI5 or his relationship with his partner Bodie. He believes he is an artist and that all his work was destroyed in the explosion. Cowley was also injured in the attack and together they retired to a remote Scottish castle. The new head of CI5 receives information that a hostile agency wants his predecessor to interrogate for information. A second ex-CI5 agent, vulnerable and confused, would be an irresistible bonus. Bodie, who has continued in CI5 alone and unpartnered, is reluctantly sent up undercover to protect his former colleagues. Rationally, he knows that if Doyle has not regained his memory by now, he is unlikely to do so, but secretly he can’t help hoping that their meeting might fire up all those buried memories…

The Road to Finisterre by Sharon Ray ==== art by boothros

It’s been six years since Bodie undertook his intrepid trip across Spain walking the Camino Frances, a feat which helped him find the absolution and peace he’d craved. Now relaxed in blissful retirement, Bodie’s wanderlust has long since deserted him, but a sixth sense is telling him that if he doesn’t make the effort to meet up with old friends soon, he may lose the chance forever. Non explicit M/M. Major character death. Sequel, with advisory to read the prequel first.

Should Harm Befall Us by ubicaritas ==== art by spikessire

As the legend goes, if the ravens should ever leave, the Tower will crumble into dust, and great harm will befall the kingdom.

Credible threats have been made against the nation’s antiquities. Iconic relics have been stolen, sites vandalised… and at the Tower of London, one of the ravens has been killed. The government has tapped all its security agencies, including CI5, to investigate and prevent further harm.

George Cowley sends his two top agents, Bodie and Murphy, undercover to work as part of the Guard Extraordinary, the special defence force tasked with the protection of the Tower of London. Their assignment: protect the ravens at all cost.

Ray Doyle had been on track for a successful career in London’s Metropolitan Police, but the shooting death of his partner in the line of duty, and then his own testimony against a group of corrupt senior officers, left him feeling isolated and disillusioned. Recruited by the Guard Extraordinary, he’s served the Tower’s defence force as a Yeoman Warder and is now RavenMaster, charged with the care and safety of the Tower’s fabled birds.

From their first meeting Bodie and Doyle are at odds. Yet, as the threat deepens, Bodie must deal with his growing attraction to the enigmatic RavenMaster even as he works to keep both him and the ravens safe from harm. For his part, Doyle resents what he sees as interference, but two attacks within the Tower’s walls have left one raven dead and the remainder clearly in peril.

Late one evening, the ravens and their keeper suddenly disappear. Now, Bodie and all of CI5 embark on a desperate search to find them and return them to the Tower … before the legend is fulfilled …

Thanks to all :)

T!!hank t
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