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Prompt Post for the 2011 Big Bang

Okay, my friends, it's time for all of those ideas you have percolating in your brain to see the light of day! Have you been dying to read a Pros story with a specific plot line? Do you have an idea for a story that you would like to read? Have you been too shy to ask for a story or to tell anybody about your idea? Is it too cracky or too sexy (is that possible?) or is it a pairing that you don't think anybody else would like to read? Well, now's the time!

Here's how it works. You post your idea, plot or desires here and writers are free to take them and play with them any way they like. Give as many details as you'd like to see used or make it a general comment. There's no wrong way to do this. AUs, crossovers, h/c, angst, scifi, horror, case related, whatever. Any pairing or no pairing. No limit to the number of prompts you may post. And remember, your prompt just might spark another idea and another and another. Everybody wins!

Writers, you don't need to actually stake a claim on the idea. Take whatever strikes your fancy and have at it. If you see something interesting but want to put a different twist on the idea, that's cool. Permission to play is not necessary. Go forth and write!

FYI, if you tossed out a prompt last year and nobody picked it up and ran with it, post it again here. Last year's post is here.

I'll toss out a prompt: Doyle is in CI5 and Bodie is in MI6 (or whatever big secret government agencies you like!). They don't know each other and both end up undercover. Doyle is a race car driver, working to catch a big time drug dealer (or stolen art, the Crown Jewels, whatever *g*) who's shipping stuff all over the UK to contacts at the races. Bodie is the mechanic who's on the same trail. They end up on the same team and at first both think the other is the bad guy. Sparks fly, then sparks ignite *bg* before they discover they're on the same side. I have no clue about car racing in the UK so this would be fun for somebody who enjoys research and racing. Slash please!

Have fun!
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