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CI5 Box of Tricks No Birds Sing by Murphybabe

Title: No Birds Sing
Author: murphybabe
Artist: brune_arici
Archive to Pros Lib: Yes please
Genre: Slash
Characters/pairing: Bodie/Doyle
Word count: 15,579
Warnings: No archive warnings apply

Doyle was working undercover in an art gallery when there was a bomb attack. When he recovered from serious head injuries, he had no memory of CI5 or his relationship with his partner Bodie. He believes he is an artist and that all his work was destroyed in the explosion. Cowley was also injured in the attack and together they retired to a remote Scottish castle.
The new head of CI5 receives information that a hostile agency wants his predecessor to interrogate for information. A second ex-CI5 agent, vulnerable and confused, would be an irresistible bonus.
Bodie, who has continued in CI5 alone and unpartnered, is reluctantly sent up undercover to protect his former colleagues. Rationally, he knows that if Doyle has not regained his memory by now, he is unlikely to do so, but secretly he can’t help hoping that their meeting might fire up all those buried memories…

As always, many thanks are in order.
Thank you to my artist for creating such wonderful art work! You are truly talented.
Thank you to cornishcat for the beta, and for untangling the threads of the story. I, and anyone who reads this, am most grateful.
Thankk you to the BB Mods for their sterling work.
And thank you to the Whitby Ginsters, for support, suggestions and gin-fueled togetherness in a bloody peculiar world.

Link to Fic Master Post
Link to Art Master Post

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