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CI5 Box of Tricks - Art for Temps Perdu by Golden Bastet

Title: Temps Perdu
Author:  golden_bastet
Artist:  firlefanzine
Archive to Pros Lib: Yes
Genre: Slash
Words: 18473
Characters/Pairing: William Bodie/Ray Doyle,
Warnings: No archive warnings apply

Summary as provided by the author:
By all measures, Raymond Doyle is a successful man.
A renowned portraitist and a denizen of London’s haute-monde, he mingles with kings and prime ministers, the famous and the well-placed. No hostess is considered a success without a portrait by him on her wall; no party is considered to have started without his presence, and he has his choice of any bed he might desire (though he is discreet). For a man who started life at the bottom of the heap, his existence is almost magical. But one day, his gift dries up. He is still in demand, wanted, desired; but he knows it’s only a matter of time before his problem is discovered.
Raymond Doyle is also a man of action. So he decides to leave grey London behind, in search of his lost inspiration; traveling somewhere, anywhere, where no one will know him, where he can sort out his artistic block and get back to his life. Landing in a small seaside hotel on the Mediterranean, he is amused, even charmed by his rustic surroundings – until a group of mercenaries also take up lodgings. And in his surroundings Doyle finds his spark – and far more danger than he could imagine.

Link to Fic: Story Master Post
Link to Art: Art Master Post

Thanks to my author for the wonderful story!
And also to the whole Big Bang gang.

You rock!  :-)

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