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CI5 Box of Tricks - Temps Perdu by golden_bastet

Sorry, folks - fell asleep in the middle of posting, not sure why I thought I'd remember to post in LJ...

Title: Temps Perdu
Author: golden_bastet
Artist: firlefanzine
Archive to Pros Lib: No
Genre:  Slash
Characters/Pairing: Bodie/Doyle
Word count: 18,473
Warnings: Really, nothing terribly obnoxious; just some expliciosity (if that's a word).

Summary: By all measures, Raymond Doyle is a successful man.
A renowned portraitist and a denizen of London’s haute-monde, he mingles with kings and prime ministers, the famous and the well-placed. No hostess is considered a success without a portrait by him on her wall; no party is considered to have started without his presence, and he has his choice of any bed he might desire (though he is discreet). For a man who started life at the bottom of the heap, his existence is almost magical. But one day, his gift dries up. He is still in demand, wanted, desired; but he knows it’s only a matter of time before his problem is discovered.
Raymond Doyle is also a man of action. So he decides to leave grey London behind, in search of his lost inspiration; traveling somewhere, anywhere, where no one will know him, where he can sort out his artistic block and get back to his life. Landing in a small seaside hotel on the Mediterranean, he is amused, even charmed by his rustic surroundings – until a group of mercenaries also take up lodgings. And in his surroundings Doyle finds his spark – and far more danger than he could imagine.

Notes: First, I'd like to thank my awesome artist firlefanzine. I was aiming for a sense of timelessness in an unknown place, and her images capture that perfectly. (Plus Pretty Lads are always pretty. :-))

I'd also like to thank beta extraordinaire and tea fiend solosundance as always, for her sometimes futile attempts to keep my prose (and Pros) on the straight and narrow. All actual errors are, of course, mine.

And while we're here, a tip of the cap to everyone involved in the production of The Professionals, without which free time would be a lot more boring. :D

Link to Fic: Fic Master Post
Link to Fabulous Artwork: Art Master Post

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