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Pros BB 2021 Writer Signups - Last Call

Hullo, BBers!

Just a reminder that Pros BB writer signups for this year - that would be 2021 - are set to close tomorrow.

If you haven't left a comment at Ye Olde Writer Signup Post, now would be the time to do so. Instructions and deadlines are listed there.

It's fun, it's a blast, it will wear your nails down to the quick! Toy around with the well-being of the Bisto Kids; have fun inserting our lads into all sorts of hopeless situations, to save them at the last minute. With lots of H/C, if that's what floats your boat. Oh, yes. But I digress.

Threaten Bodie with a bomb. Threaten Doyle with Marge. Put them in antiquity, in the future, in the rest room. Older lads, younger lads. Casefic. AU. Curtain fic. Bodie-as-mercenary fic. Doyle-as-rent-boy fic. Evil Cowley fic. Weddings. MPreg. (Only kidding with that MPreg.) As long as it's Pros-related, the only limit is in your imagination.

The world awaits!

And as always, if you have any questions for Your Friendly Neighborhood Mods, feel free to post below or email us at
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