krisserci5 (krisserci5) wrote in ci5_boxoftricks,

Weekly check in post!!!

In this final week of March, how are we doing??

Are you loving spring or fall (Of course if you live in Southern Calif spring was last Thursday and summer has already begun=0)

Are you happily typing away, scribbling notes, giving Bodie and Doyle lots of alone time?

Or are you still wondering what fresh hell have you let yourself in for. . .

Do these issues plague you?
- words go down on paper only to vanish when you're not looking
- you set time aside to write only to discover that you have to wash your hair
- you had the best idea and all the parts fit just as you were drifting off to sleep only to wake in the morn and you can't remember any of it

How are you all doing?? This is the place to ask, scream, happy dance or wander in bewilderedly seeking answers.
Tags: check in post 2021

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