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Check In Post Number 2!

Hi everyone and welcome to the second check in post *waves*.

And as the deadline for the writers sign up looms ever closer, less than a week now, let me start this post off by giving you the links to all the sign up posts and doing lots of encouraging pom pom waving *g*:

Writers sign up post
Artists and vidders sign up post
Beta sign up post
Cheerleader sign up post

Secondly I thought I would post a few of my favourite, but rather random, links in the hope that you find something useful/interesting/incredibly distracting in them. And in the name of distracting my first link is to:

TV Tropes

This is a ridiculously addictive website that may also spark the odd idea or two for a story.

Next we have an article in The Guardian which has various writers listing their:

Ten rules for writing fiction.

My third link is to 750 words, an online tool that gets you into the habit of writing 750 words a day.

750 words

And for my final link I thought we would go for some sex *cough*. Well a link to one author’s guidelines for writing sex:

Writing Sex by Steve Almond

And lastly, as always, please chat about anything you like, ask us questions, and let us know how we can persuade bribe/blackmail you into signing up.
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