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CI5 Box of Tricks - Third Chances and Epiphanies

Title Third Chances and Epiphanies (Or Forgiveness & Illumination)

Author Harlech1000

Artist Banbury

Archive to Pros Lib. Yes please! It would be an honour

Genre Slash but not explicit

Pairing Bodie/Doyle

Word Count 14436

Warnings. No sex please we're British

SummaryBodie never asked for help. He gave it willingly on his terms only but never asked for it. It had become second nature to him and in the past it had served him well but this time it might cost him everything. That he hadn't expected. When Doyle fell in love he did so with all his heart and it had cost him dearly so now he was more cautious and this time he thought he had it right. This relationship was the one but it turned out he was wrong - or was he? He didn't know any more. All he knew was he was hurting and it wasn't just from having a building fall on him.

NotesThank you CI5Box of Tricks for all your efforts and for your kindness to a Novice author who's still feeling her way. This is my first challenge and I'm nervous but you all have been so helpful and nice that its been a lot of fun and I've never had an Artist before so that was exciting. Again thank you all so much!

Link to fic https://archiveofourown.org/works/34340215
Link to art https://banbury.livejournal.com/195551.html
Tags: master list 2021

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