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CI5 Box Of Tricks – Smoke and Mirrors by Marjoram Max

Title: Smoke and Mirrors
Author: Marjoram Max
Artist: Fiorenza_a
Archive to Pros Lib: Yes
Genre: Gen
Characters/Pairing: Bodie, Doyle
Word count: 18,418
Warnings: None

Information is being leaked from the Ministry of Defence and getting into Russian hands, and CI5 is brought in to trace, and stop, the leaks. The most likely culprit is a Minister whose mistress just so happens to have an ex-husband who is a lecturer in Russian studies. Bodie and Doyle find themselves undercover as the landlord and chef of a Cotswold’s pub, keeping an eye on the mistress and her errant lover whilst trying to catch them in the act of passing on secrets. Running a pub is a dream assignment for the two CI5 agents, so what could possibly go wrong?

It’s five years since my last foray into the wonderful world of CI5 Box Of Tricks and I have forgotten how equally exciting and scary taking part is. As is often the case with me, Smoke and Mirrors was written down to the wire and as a result is unbeta’d: any and all mistakes are 100% mine.

Thank you, Fiorenza_a, for the wonderful artwork for Smoke and Mirrors. It is perfect for the story. Thanks also to the mods for another successful Big Bang Challenge.

And well done, everyone!

Link to Fic: Smoke and Mirrors
Link to Art: Artwork for Smoke and Mirrors
Tags: stories and art 2021

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