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Title : He Comes Bearing Gifts

Author: Donato

Artist : Brune

Genre: Teen audiences and above

Archive to proslib: Yes please :-)

Characters: Bodie, Doyle, Cowley, Murphy, Susie

Word Count: 11,750

Warnings: I don't know how to highlight it as I don't really want to give it away so please be aware that a warning does apply but ends on a happy note. Does that help.

Summary: Bodie takes Doyle to an out of the way pub where over several drinks they finally open up about their feelings for one another and come to terms with aspects of their lives. Just when Doyle thinks he’s got everything sorted, Bodie throws him a curve ball and his life will never be the same again. 

Notes: A huge thank you to my beta, Mary O, a fellow pros fan that generously used her limited free time to read and edit out all my waffling sentences and fix up my appalling punctuation. Her input was invaluable and should any errors remain they are mine alone and have been left in to add character to the story. LOL. I'd also like to take this opportunity to say a huge thank you to Brune for her fantastic artwork. Her talent is amazing and I was so very blessed to have her illustrations compliment the story.

Link to story: 

He comes Bearing Gifts


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