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Master list for the 2021 Professionals Big Bang

Hi everyone, here is the Master list for the 2021 Professionals Big Bang, and in order to make to it easier for you to read, view and revisit all the fabulous work created this year, under the cut you will find a master list of all the entries for the 2021 Professionals Big Bang.

The list includes links which will take you to the main posts for the stories, art and vids. At the main posts you will find the full details and links to the stories and art/vids themselves.

Below the list we copied some basic information from the headers, organised it by story title, and posted the direct links to stories. The art and vid links are contained within each individual fic post.

Lastly here is a link to the AO3 collections page: here

Complete Shambles

Eyes of Horus

Fist Full of Smoke

He Comes Bearing Gifts

Smoke and Mirrors

Third Chances and Epiphanies

Ties That Bind

Traitors in Our Midst

Treasured Magic

Title: Complete Shambles
Author: Creidne/Creed Cascade
Artist: Sweety_Mutant

Summary: Unable to escape the clutches of the Christmas Man’s legacy, Ann runs to Ray for help just as he is reconnecting with Bodie. Will they make a complete shambles of it?

Title: The Eyes of Horus
Author: sc_fossil
Artist: sc_fossil

Summary: In this present day, same age as canon case story, CCTV cameras have captured Bodie committing murder in real time. Bodie and Doyle must investigate this quickly as the captured footage is deemed by the law to be irrefutable evidence of Bodie's guilt.

Title: Fist Full of Smoke
Author: merentha13
Artist: macklingirl

Summary: Post “Take Away”
Following up a lead from a grass, despite reservations from his partner, Doyle finds himself held captive by a local drug gang with a surprising connection. It’s left to Bodie to clean up the mess.

Title : He Comes Bearing Gifts
Author: Donato
Artist : Brune

Summary: Bodie takes Doyle to an out of the way pub where over several drinks they finally open up about their feelings for one another and come to terms with aspects of their lives. Just when Doyle thinks he’s got everything sorted, Bodie throws him a curve ball and his life will never be the same again

Title: Smoke and Mirrors
Author: Marjoram Max
Artist: Fiorenza_a

Information is being leaked from the Ministry of Defence and getting into Russian hands, and CI5 is brought in to trace, and stop, the leaks. The most likely culprit is a Minister whose mistress just so happens to have an ex-husband who is a lecturer in Russian studies. Bodie and Doyle find themselves undercover as the landlord and chef of a Cotswold’s pub, keeping an eye on the mistress and her errant lover whilst trying to catch them in the act of passing on secrets. Running a pub is a dream assignment for the two CI5 agents, so what could possibly go wrong?

Title: Third Chances and Epiphanies (Or Forgiveness & Illumination)
Author: Harlech1000
Artist: Banbury

Summary: Bodie never asked for help. He gave it willingly on his terms only but never asked for it. It had become second nature to him and in the past it had served him well but this time it might cost him everything. That he hadn't expected. When Doyle fell in love he did so with all his heart and it had cost him dearly so now he was more cautious and this time he thought he had it right. This relationship was the one but it turned out he was wrong - or was he? He didn't know any more. All he knew was he was hurting and it wasn't just from having a building fall on him

Title: Ties That Bind
Author: fiorenza_a
Artist: doyleoncanvas
Archive to Pros Lib: yes :0)
Genre: Gen
Characters/Pairing: Bodie and Doyle
Warnings: YES - please see under spoiler cut below.

Summary: John Coogan is not the only villain with a grudge against Doyle....

Title :Traitors in our Midst
Author: Dawnwind
Artist: Tinturtle

Summary: Doyle has been accused of being a traitor. He doesn’t know by whom or why—but he’s been literally stabbed in the back and is on the run, leaving Bodie behind to investigate the mess. Will they ever see each other again?

Title: Treasured Magic
Author: krisserci5
Artist: krisserci5

Summary: Can Bodie survive all that's expected from him?
Concluding story in the CI5 Thaumaturgy AU series arc.

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