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Pros Big Bang Weekly Check In

Hi everyone and welcome to the weekly check in post. Just a few links for you this week, hopefully you’ll find them distracting interesting. So to start with a couple of pages with quotes about writing: Quotes about writers and writing and More quotations about writing

My fav of the quotes is: "Every novel should have a beginning, a muddle, and an end." (Peter De Vries).

Next to give us all something to avoid and have a giggle, and maybe an occasional wince, over here are links to some of the winners / contenders for Literary Review’s annual bad sex in fiction awards.

Passages from the 2010 winner, past contenders, a few more, and the 1994 - 2004 winners

And lastly, as I am currently impersonating the chicken in this cartoon:

A couple of links to posts about writer’s block: Hack your way out of writer‘s block and Symptoms and Cures for writers block (for assignments but has some useful tips).

And, as always, please chat about anything you like, ask us questions, and let us know how you are getting on with your planning/writing/curing your amnesia.
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