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Strike while the irony is hot

Rough draft requirements

We thought it was about time to bring up the subject of what you’re expected to have ready by the rough draft deadline of June 28th.

• A minimum word count of 15,000 words.
We're not going to be martinets about this. If you're only at 13,000 words, but it's clear you're well on the way to finishing, that works for us. But if you're only at 1,000 words, we have a problem. Talk to us. We don’t bite... hard.

• A reasonably complete outline of any unfinished scenes
The outline can be as complete (massively detailed descriptions of every remaining incident in the story) or as brief ("insert sex scene here") as you like.

• A reasonable confidence that you will be able to finish the whole story (20,000 word minimum) by the September 23rd deadline
This last bit is the most important. Since it gets handed to an artist at this point, we'd like for the artist not to work on something that isn't going to get done.

• A short paragraph length summary/blurb that can be posted publicly on the comm for the artists to claim from. This should give a good flavour of the story, but doesn't have to give everything away.

We will provide more detailed instructions closer to time.
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