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The Second Check In Post

Time for the second check-in post as the February deadline for writer sign-ups draws nigh. So before we all start to sweat about what we’ve let ourselves in for, how about a couple of inspirational links to get those creative juices a-flowing?

Before we start, if you are still nail-chewing about signing up, please join in the fun at the various posts:

Writer Sign-Up Post
Artist/Vidder Sign-Up Post
Prompt Post
Beta Sign-Up Post
Cheerleader Sign-Up Post

And for right now, here is a little something philosophical:

The Hidden Art of Achieving Creative Flow.

It's basically a step by step guide to getting your Flow on. Have a read - there’s a delightful anecdote about Ray Bradbury and his 30 minutes of typing time, and I found myself nodding along at much of the advice. What do you think? Just what the doctor ordered, or total navel-gazing nonsense?

And for those who are looking for the fanfic tried and true, here is a truly comprehensive list of every weird and wonderful kink and cliché we, as scribblers, have ever come up with:

The Incredibly Exhaustive Fanfic Kinks, Tropes, and Cliche List

Seriously, check off ten of these, and that’s your fic basically done, right? *g*

And if these don’t grab you, then just let us know how you’re doing so far – has that light bulb gone off yet for the plot? Or are you still waiting for Bodie to find the damn switch?

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