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Weekly Check In Post -- Let's Talk Editing

One of the things that I feel is necessary for my story is to have it edited by someone besides me. I find that I am too close to the story to see what might not be working, to see typos, to know that I'm supposed to be using "their" instead of "there", etc. etc. This is something I find important for my peace of mind. Remember, I am not a professional writer. I'm an old gal who writes fanfic. *bg*

I approach editing as a series of steps that I need to make me feel comfortable before I post a story. Depending on length, I always use an "editor" and a "reader". For me, a reader is somebody who basically reads the story and tells me what works, what doesn't and if they like it or hate it. An editor is someone (or sometimes with a novel, two someones) whom I ask to read the story for the same things as a reader PLUS plot holes, grammar and punctuation errors, suggestions to fix my crappy sentence structure and anything else the editor finds bugs them, no matter how small or large.

Plus, in Pros, I now use a Brit-Picker. I'm an American and I simply can't know all the ins and outs to make my story appear as if I know what the hell I'm doing writing in a British fandom. Remember, though, even using a Brit-Picker, I've had people tell me that no British person would say or do this or that when in fact it was suggested by another British person. Just like in the good ole USA, there are regional differences. Even I don't know every bit of US slang or folklore or local customs that could work in a story.

Anyway, here's the original beta post for this year's BB:

So far, three people have volunteered to beta, so I hope that the writers have made arrangements for their own editing. Of course, it's not mandatory to have your fic edited at all. I'll leave that to each writer.

Here is a little explanation of why "beta readers" are called beta readers. :)

There are more links about editing, proofreading, and a few other subjects on that same page.

Here's a little article about self-editing that might be of interest. I know plenty of writers who say that reading their own story aloud helps a lot. I also find that when you're finished, putting the story away for at least a week and then read it as if you have no idea who wrote it works very well.

So how's everybody doing? Ready to send your story to your editor? Chewing your fingernails over a total rewrite like I'm doing? (Both the chewing and the rewriting!)

And are you having fun? Because you should be! Fandom is supposed to be fun and so is writing.
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