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Participating Artists/Vidders for the Pros Big Bang

We are now past the sign up deadline for artists and vidders which means we can introduce you all to the truly fabulous artists and vidders taking part in the 2011 Pros Big Bang (listed in the order they signed up):

• gblvr
• Bodiecuddle
• ND
• kat-byrd
• togsos
• Ankaree
• Rain
• inlovewithboth
• Roven
• hermine
• cloudless
• Mella68
• Lorraine
• banbury
• Firlefanzine
• gvenanne
• molly
• Smirra
• P.R. Zed

And can we say masses of thanks to everyone who has signed up, I know we are all looking forward to what you'll be coming up with.

The next step for our artists will be for you to claim your story/stories. We'll be posting the story summaries from our writers anonymously on July 7, and then the final work will be due on the 23rd September. Watch out for more information about the claiming process posted closer to the time.
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