mollior cuniculi capillo (sineala) wrote in ci5_boxoftricks,
mollior cuniculi capillo

Weekly Check-In

Hi writers! Hi artists! How's it going this week? Anything interesting to report about your stories?

Here's something I've been wondering about, if anyone would like to have a discussion: do unexpected things happen in your stories?

I know that I can often start out with a scene planned out in my head (say, characters exchange a few angry words and someone storms out), and I have the exact idea of how to start it, and how to end it, and everything that happens in between, and yet when I actually sit down to write it I find as I am writing that, much to my surprise, Bodie has punched someone in the face in the middle of the argument. Which was not in the plan.

Does this sort of thing happen to you when you write? What do you do? Do you go with the flow? Or do you edit and stick to your original plans? Or does it not happen at all?
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